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Friday, 19 October 2012

Be Aware from Vista Defender 2013

Vista Defender 2013 is rogue antivirus, it’s created by Cyber criminals with stealing money from unsuspecting PC users. This is a rogue security scanner which behaves as a legitimate antivirus program and displays totally fake security scan results. To further scare PC users into believing that their systems are in the risk, they are highly infected. Vista Defender 2013 generates various security warning pop-ups and blocks Internet browsers by displaying error message “the website which computer user wanted to visit is supposedly infected”. You may also get different types of security alert, like:
1.       “Security breach!
Beware! Spyware infection was found…”
2.       “Vista Defender 2013 Alert
System hacked…”
3.       “Malware Intrusion
Sensitive areas of your system were found to be under attack. Spy software attack or virus infections are possible. Prevent further damage or your private data will get stolen. Run an anti-spyware scan now. Click here to start”.
You should understand that all processes that are displayed by Vista Defender 2013 are rogue. They are designed to scare you into purchasing hopeless license key.
When Vista Defender 2013 infected computer users shouldn't even consider paying for its license key to remove the security bugs. As stated above the security threats which are detected by this software have no existence. If you pay for this antivirus program you will slack your money and your PC will not free from virus. Notice that this rogue virus originates from a family of fake antivirus programs Braviax, rogue programs from this family can adapt to the computer user's OS. For example if you were using Windows XP then this malicious program would appear to you as XP Defender 2013 or  you were using Windows 7 this malicious program would be shown as Win 7 Defender 2013.
You shouldn't be worried by the long list of security infections; this fake antivirus software only generates this false detection list. Most usually this malicious program is spread using exploit kits, Trojans or misleading websites that exploits system's security vulnerabilities and installs this fake security scanner without users knowledge. This fake malicious program is a serious security threat and you must remove it as soon as possible, because if you have Vista Defender 2013 virus in your computer then there is highly chance to infect by other malware.
Ignore all those offers to buy the license key, it only loose your money. To remove this malicious program from your system, just give a ring to FixSmith, our experienced tech support team will resolve every issues due to Vista Defender 2013.  Just getting intimation from you they   will take the remote access of your PC, and then remove Vista Defender 2013 trojan from your system. They also guide you the Vista Defender 2013 removal with in easy steps. 

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