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Very helpful, I am glad I was able to talk to someone who has the expertise to help me fix the problems I have had with my computer. He did a great job and I am very satisfied.
 John Archer.
l have to thank the gentleman with the assumed name of Mark. He got my email sorted out in 20 minutes whereas others had tried for three occassions spending a long time each time and were unable to sort it out. I wish to commend Mark on his knowledge and professionalism. Thanks to Mark again and would like him to attend to my problems in future.
Alan Engelhardt.
I have had some computer problems much too difficult to describe and just want to let you know that one of your staff people, named Roye, spent hours and hours on the phone with me,trying to unravel a bunch of difficulties. With enormous patience and skill, he got me back on the Internet in a type face I could read,which required acrobatics beyond telling. Since I am an 87-year-old woman with some vision problems,this was extremely helpful and he is to be commended for his patience.
Mrs. Zenith Gross.

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